Bounties FAQ

How to become a Doichain bounty hunter?

Please read what a bounty program is here:

Doichain LVC is setting up a bounty program, in order to speed up the development of the Doichain ecosystem. We will offer different kinds of code and non-code bounties such as marketing, social media promotion and translation bounties.

We offer bounties depending on their priority in DOI (Doicoin) but also in Fiat (€). Both DOI (Doichain) and Fiat (€) bounties are exchangeable into Doichain LVC Shares (please read about Doichain LVC (Liechtenstein venture cooperative) on

In this document we focus on Doichain code bounties. If you are interested in non-code bounties, most parts of this document might not be interesting to you. In this case please jump straight to Doichain Bounties and block any non-code bounty after account creation.


In order to become a Doichain bounty hunter, you should have experience as software developer and/or software tester. Right now we focus on developing our dApp, which is written in Javascript using MeteorJS, NodeJS, ReactJS and MongoDB frame ( Doichain Node is a slightly modified fork of Namecoin (which is a early fork of the Bitcoin blockchain), so it would make sense, if you are already an experienced Bitcoin / altcoin / blockchain developer or good with C/C++, in case you want to help here. We have deficits in documentation, whitepaper integrity and website contents. We also don´t have a English native speaker in our team yet.

How can I block a bounty, how can I work on it and how will I get paid later?

This works in 6 steps.

  1. Go to – Bounties are ordered by date and priority
  2. Block your bounty (after account creation)
  3. Create a fork of the repository
  4. Install the development environment (see: Setting up a Doichain Development Environment)
  5. Commit and push your work and create a pull request
  6. If the pull request gets accepted we will send the amount to your Doichain address which you provided with the pull request. (Fiat bounties can be paid in Bitcoin, USD, EUR). Please also provide an standard invoice to


As we mentioned in the whitepaper, Doichain (DOI) is a utility token which is used in order to store information on the Doichain blockchain. The price of storing a double-opt-in will be fixed in future. Storing one Double-Opt-In should cost 0,04 EUR (Fiat), which means 1 DOI will be worth 1 €.

If you want to convert your DOI to another crypto currency, you can sell it on the decentralized bitcoin exchange application