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The protocol for a fraud-resistant verification and documentation of Double-Opt-In´s through an open, permissionless and decentralized blockchain.
The Doichain protocol requests email permissions over the Doichain validator node of the recipients trusted SMTP server. The self decentralizing principle of growing Doichain validators are pushing your DOI quality to previously unreachable dimensions.
Three steps to the verified DOI
A unique protocol for DOI verification.

The blockchain DOI procedure provides safety for email-marketing, fights spam emergence and increases the reputation of the email senders. If you need to prove a Double Opt-In registration, you are on the safe side with our globally unique blockchain DOI technology. The Double Opt-In is rendered unforgeable, by signing the Doichain procedure with a trustable entity.


Single Opt-in

A user signs up for email notifications or a newsletter. SOI signature transaction is sent over the advertisers Doichain node.


SOI and DOI are validated by the recipients Doichain node. It acts like an SMTP-Server add-on.


SOI and DOI are fraud-resistant documented in the blockchain.
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