Over the last century we’ve created the foundations for an economic shift.

The objective was to make a blockchain generally available that incorporates the reliability of the Bitcoin blockchain but offers a broader set of functions, without losing the ingenious transparency and clarity of the Bitcoin blockchain, and thus to create the foundations for a broader spectrum of applications.

Doichain Labs will offer crypto custody services in Europe

Launch of the Rosetta API
Rosetta is an open standard that facilitates integration across different blockchains

Launch of Carbon-Minus-NFT pilot projects
The second doichain halving is expected to take place on 2 October. The reward is reduced from 25 to 12.5 DOI. This reduces the daily creation of new DOIs from 3600 to 1800 DOIs per day.
15.75 million DOIs will exist at this time.

Start of the development of the carbon minus NFT based on the Doichain with government support

Establishment of the Doichain Foundation and DOI Labs AG to promote Doichain development.

Listing of DOI on the international crypto exchange xt.com.
focussed on privacy, security and user-friendliness.

Strategic partnership with Solida.world, the game forge that will challenge the top dogs NBA 2K and NBA Live in Q2.

Partnerships with the largest Bitcoin mining farms to secure the Doichain protocol without additional CO2 emissions.

Partnership with an established manufacturer of hardware wallets
Strategic partnership with Rescue Tools, the developer of the patented rescue system based on the Doichain, which will be able to save the lives of many people in the outdoor sector.

Listing of the DOI on the international crypto exchange Xeggex.

Start of community building.
Doichain becomes a partner of iXchange.me to secure patents and business ideas.

Tests and field trials with an energy exchange developed for BlockPro and BlockPro itself.

Successful completion of the BlockPro project.

Preparations for listing on international crypto exchanges.

Development of protocols for Xchanges and multilayer systems.

First halving of the Doichain, reduction of the block reward to 25 DOI.

Difficulty reaches 7,975,502

Start of the development of a second layer for ultra-fast transactions

Development and integration of further DApps.

Further partnerships for practical applications on the Doichain.

Funding approval from the Free State of Bavaria for the BlockPro project after review by the VDI/VDE association.

Introducing the Electrum wallet

Adaptation of the Electrum wallet to the Doichain, provision as open source for the community.

Start of development of a user-friendly mobile wallet for Android and iOS.

Research and first implementations of scaling solutions for over 1,000,000 transactions.

Expansion of the ecosystem to include systems capable of promoting the energy transition; presentation of the BlockPro project, the Bavarian state government shows interest.

Mining the Genesis block of the Doichain

Start of software development, setting up the infrastructure, analyses and initial tests.

Ottmar Neuburger presents the Doichain concept to the public at the CSA Dialogue Summit in Frankfurt.

23 May at 17:56:42 (UTC+2:00)
Mining of the Genesis block of the Doichain with a difficulty of 0.000001.52587890625 and a hash rate of 433 GH/s by an Antminer S3.

Development and prototyping of the DOI-dApp for forgery-proof proof of advertising consent.

Announcement of the partnership with the email service provider campaign plus.

Idea for the development of Doichain

At a blockchain hackathon in Eggenfelden.
Founders: Ottmar Neuburger, a friend of decentralised Technologies and Data Protection and after the hackathon Tobias Neuburger.


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