Doichain LVC, Dr. Grass-Strasse 12, LIE-9490 Vaduz


Q3 2017
Blockchain Technology Evaluation
Q4 2017
Conception of Doichain Node & Doichain dApp. Namecoin (Bitcoin) Fork.
Q1 2018
Doichain Prototype Implementation dApp and Doichain-Node
Q2 2018
Doichain blockchain launch
Q3 2018
Start of acquisition of partners and investors
Implementation of Release-Management
Q4 2018
Implementation Continuous-Integration
Quality Assurance & Tests for Version 0.1
Q1 2019
Bugfixing & Enhancements (Version 0.1)
Planing (Version 0.2)
Doicoin (DOI) tradable at
Live Presentation at Eco-Foundation Cologne
Q2 2019
Founding Doichain LVC
Doichain node installation for selected pilot operators
Presentation at
Q3 2019
Atomic Name Trading (Implementation)
Price stability (SmartCoin) (Implementation)
SMTP-Filter (Implementation)
Q4 2019
Doichain Multiple Fallbacks with Proof-Of-Stake
Doichain Mobile Wallet for Android & iOS