Building a new Digital Economy

Doichain QuantumProof transaction capacity allows AI analytics at global scale, while respecting EU privacy policies.

Doichain is a decentralized open-source project that is open for all who are interested, and is available for all imaginable application scenarios without a licensing fee.



>1.000.000 Transactions per Second



No additional CO2 emissions through a merged-mining-process, which is linked to Bitcoin.



SHA-256 based Proof of Work algorithm



DOIchain has decentralized consensus and governance mechanisms.

With the help of layer 2 solutions, the Doichain network can process thousands to millions of transactions per second if required, without compromising the decentralisation and security of the mainchain. These transactions take place on a second layer and are backed up at regular intervals by a compressing hash on the Doichain.

We are currently compiling detailed information on how these solutions work, their further development and their application in projects. You will find it here on this website as soon as possible.

Press reports such as “Bitcoin: New quantum computer could crack BTC algorithm in 2023” often fuel mistrust of blockchain and cryptography. As Bitcoin is the best known, it is often used synonymously with cryptography and blockchain and is therefore the most common target of such misleading reports.

Our research shows that Bitcoin transactions, but actually only the “Pay to Public Key” (P2PK) addresses from the early days (before 2010), could theoretically provide a minimal attack vector for quantum computers. However, this danger will not be relevant for several decades at the earliest, if at all, and could be eliminated with a simple transfer to a newer address.

The Doichain, which was launched years after Bitcoin, does not in principle use P2PK addresses, so quantum computers pose no threat to the Doichain for the foreseeable future, the same of course applies to Bitcoin.

We are working on a more comprehensive paper that will shed light on both the quantum physics and mathematical aspects of this topic. This paper will provide interested parties with more detailed insights and our well-founded theses. In short: we are QUANTUMPROOF to provide you with a blockchain that is secure.


Driving the energy transition

Blockchain technology for the development of a sustainable, cost-efficient energy system.



DoiWallet aims to support the highest wallet standards.


Doichain team is made up of various Community contributors, who bring together diverse expertise to actively shape technology development and drive DOI’s growth.


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