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Email Security

The Doichain protocol was created in 2018 on top of Doichain as a 2nd-layer protocol for verifying and documenting Double-Opt-In (DOI) in email traffic. It acts without the need to trust a 3rd party or middlemen to protect users and organizations from fraud, phishing, and spam. Doichain is GDPR compliant and offers a novel, self-decentralizing technology accessible to all without censorship.

Energy Transition, CO2 Certificate Trading and Carbon Neutralization

Doichain provides indisputable proof of origin for sustainable energy, allowing renewable energy producers to accurately track their production location and scale. This fosters regional energy exchange, benefiting both society and photovoltaic system operators in the long run. Doichain also certifies the CO2 balance of companies. Additionally, it facilitates the creation of a CO2-NFT, representing the amount of carbon eliminated from the atmosphere through a microwave-induced pyrolysis process on hydrocarbon waste.

Patent and Idea Protection

The company ‘ ideas & pioneers GmbH’ with their slogan “Your idea. Be a pioneer!” uses the Doichain to protect patents and business ideas. By using Doichain NFTs, interested parties can invest early stage in new ideas and thus participate in their possible future success.


The DOI is Doichain’s own coin and can be used as a cryptocurrency for billing services and asset exchange. By implementing merged mining, Doichain ensures high security without the energy costs associated with typical Proof-of-Work blockchains. It achieves this by recycling the “mathematical waste” of Bitcoin transactions, leveraging the security of a large PoW blockchain without consuming electricity. Doichain utilizes a numbered, multi-layer technique, enabling it to process over one million transactions per second, overcoming a common drawback of PoW blockchains.

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